• FrannieEatsMaine

Recollections and Resolutions

What a year! When I started this blog little over a year ago in the summer of 2017, I could never have expected such a outpouring of interest and support. What started as a place to put all the food pictures that were oversaturating my main account (Which I barely use anymore!) has become something that I can share with everyone. What started as a hobby has become a way I can share with the rest of the world just how amazing Portland, the city I grew up in, has become. I’ve been invited to be a part of some exciting opportunities, met tons of new friends, and of course, ate lots of great food! But this is just the start. So where do I want to go in 2019? What direction to I want to take this blog in? Well, that’s what setting resolutions is for!

Expanding outside Portland

So I think it’s fair to say that I’ve done a pretty good job of covering the old peninsula. There’s still so much to try, but damnit if I haven’t covered at least 85% of it! But I can’t be called FrannieEatsMaine without, well, eating the rest of Maine! So one of my resolutions is to expand my reach and start traveling Downeast to try some new things. (Cushnoc, Moody’s Diner...I’m coming for you!) Because I mean, hey, traveling up the beautiful Maine coast to eat some delicious food? Twist my arm.

Attending more events

I like to think that I’ve been pretty budgetarily conscious in my eating habits. Or at least I try to be. And as a result I’ve skipped out on larger food events in town like Harvest on the Harbor in favor of individual dishes. And yet I find myself yearning to be part of the fun. So this year I’ll be trying to make more of an effort to shell out those extra shuckles for the food events I’ve missed out on in previous months. Don’t leave Frannie in a corner!


A thought I’m sure most of you have had is ’How do these food bloggers eat so much and stay so trim?’ Well...We don’t. And if we do, it’s at the cost of our internal health rather than our outwards appearance. So in 2019, it’s all about that balance baby! Everything in moderation! The ’finished plate’ rule doesn’t have to apply here!

What are your big resolutions? Don’t have any? That’s okay too! Everything one step at a time. But those are mine! And again, thank you everyone for sharing this experience with me. For every follower I’ve had great concersations with, for every new friend I’ve made, and for everything I’ve learned. Let’s make 2019 Frantastic!