• FrannieEatsMaine

FrannieEatsMaine.com Is Back!

We're back online, Franimals! With a bit of elbow grease and some beautiful photography from local photographer Coco McCracken, we're ready to launch the new FrannieEatsMaine website. A lot of familiar content is still present, like the FrannieBlogsMaine page and the On/Off the Peninsula restaurant guides. But we've also implemented some new features as well!

You can now subscribe to FrannieBlogsMaine posts and receive email updates on the latest blog articles! Blog posts are now categorized for your convenience so finding a specific topic or keyword has never been easier. Plus, the format of the blog will be changing. Not only will posts be more frequent, but cover a wider range of topics including: openings, closings, recommendations, and so on. There will also be cross-posting with PortlandOldPort, where Frannie writes for the platform bi-weekly. Those posts will also be found here, and link back to PortlandOldPort.com as well.

A very simple but unincluded feature on the previous site has been added: a search bar! Finding information on the site just got a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of parsing through the site for a restaurant or blog post you're having trouble finding. An obvious feature, but a welcome one to the new site.

On the homepage you'll also find a feed of the latest blog posts, an About snippet on Frannie, as well as social feeds in the sidebar. When you enter the site you'll be greeted by the latest blog post, latest social post, and other relevant information at the top of the screen. That way when you're visiting the site, you'll always be informed on the latest posts and news from Frannie.

We hope that these new updates will improve your visiting experience here on the FrannieEatsMaine website and more features are always in the pipeline. Thank you for your patience and welcome to the new site, we're so excited to share it with you!