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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

As FrannieEatsMaine slowly starts to snowball in terms of exposure, the more opportunities I've had to be involved in media events. This is totally wild to me! I'm always flattered when someone recognizes me and gets excited about what I do, but I'm really just a lazy goblin who spends way too much on food so it will never *not* blow my mind! So when I was invited to the media opening of 'S!p' an alleged new cafe at 100 Commercial St in Portland, I was pretty excited! Now whether or not that changed once I realized it was actually Dunkin' (It will always be Dunkin' Donuts in the heart of every New Englander!) in disguise is another story.

I wasn't quite sure how to process my thoughts on it. On one hand, I got some cool latte art of my face, and that's tight as hell.

On the other hand, I actually felt genuine disappointment over the fact that we weren't getting a new cafe! I know, like we need more, but still. Not to mention the nature of the whole thing. You can't help but feel a bit slighted. Not only that, but the general vibe was 'See?? We're fancy too! All you Portlanders with your fancy coffee, WE'LL show what what good coffee is!' Like a little sibling vying for some attention. And granted, I much more prefer Dunkin over Starburnt! But this felt a little heavy handed and over the top. I got a sweet goody bag though, so all is well!

(Also, unpopular opinion, Foodgod is really annoying.)