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A Winning Lineup of Super Bowl Takeout

While we may not be packing into sports bars and friend's living rooms to watch the Super Bowl this year, that doesn't mean your munchie game has to take an L as a result. If you don't feel like spending game day in front of an oven, there's an abundance of insanely tasty specials and deals to take advantage of to keep you fueled until the 4th quarter.

Bell the Cat


If you're spending Super Bowl weekend up at Sunday River or you just happen to be in the area, Bell the Cat has you covered with sliders, wings, and more! Pre-order by 3PM Saturday the 6th.

Duckfat Friteshack


We're trading frites for wings and ribwich's this Sunday with Duckfat Friteshack's special takeout menu for the big game. Menu items will include:

Tempura Fried General Tso's Mushrooms, $12

Oyster & shiitake mushrooms, Szechuan chili sauce, and scallions

Smoked Pork Ribwich, $12

Muroise (blackberry &raspberry) bbq sauce, b&b pickles, coleslaw, milk bun

Meatball Sub, $11

Sunday tomato gravy, mozzarella, pecorino, herbs

The Vermont Sandwich, $12

Smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar, apple, maple, pistachio pesto mayo

All Wings 6 for $10 / 12 for $16

Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

Breaded & fried, maple horseradish dressing

Piri Piri Chicken Wings

Smoked & fried, North African ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Blue cheese dressing

General Tso's Chicken Wings

Cornstarch breaded & fried, scallions, benne

Legend's Rest


The king of sports bars in Westbrook, naturally Legends Rest is rolling out their own game day spread for Sunday. And it's just as carby and delicious as you've come to expect from Legend's. Preorders will be open up until the 7th and will be ready for curbside pickup.

Liquid Riot


Liquid Riot is offering up some lip-smacking wings by the pound for Super Bowl Sunday. Flavors include:

  • Red Dragon Sauce

  • Maine Buffalo

Both come with with charred scallion ranch dressing. Orders must be made by Feb. 5th for curbside pickup. Be sure to pick up some Liquid Riot brews too!

Noble Barbecue


Noble Barbecue is offering up some champion-sized family meals this Sunday that you definitely don't want to sleep on. Their family meals include:

Family Style Pizza Package (for 4) - $89

  • 3 Detroit Style Pizzas of your choice

  • Queso Dip & Lime Salted Tortilla Chips

  • Kale Caesar Salad

  • Pimento Mac & Cheese

  • Sugar High Donuts

  • 4pck of Local Craft

Family Style Chicken Package (for 4) - $99

  • 3lbs of Fried Chicken of your choice

  • Queso Dip & Lime Salted Tortilla Chips

  • Kale Caesar Salad

  • Pimento Mac & Cheese

  • Sugar High Donuts

  • 4pck of Local Craft

With food this good, the star of evening won't be the Halftime Show! To place your preorder, email trevor@noblemeats.com.



Terlingua's Super Bowl Market Box was made for game day snacking. This massive munchies box feeds 4 people (or two hungry people...or one hungry Frannie, idk) and can be ordered online now for pickup on the 7th. Plenty of the other usual goodies and beverages will be available for grab 'n go in the market as well.

The Honey Paw


The Honey Paw teamed up with their siblings Eventide and XO Burgers & Wings to put together a knockout of a game day menu! With a number of options from each restaurant like BBQ pork buns from Eventide, caramelized crab dip from Honey Paw, and deluxe nachos from XO Burgers, you'll have no shortage of mouthwatering munchies...Or at least until someone eats it all in the first 15 minutes of the game. No judgement.

Three Dollar Dewey's


$3 Dewey's is bringing the Super Deals for the Super Bowl! When you spend $50 on a takeout order, you get 12 wings free, and when you spend $25 on a takeout order, you get 6 wings free. All that food AND a free app of wings? How can you NOT have a great game day with deals like that?

Town Landing Market


Any Town Landing Market fans? If you love their usual grab 'n go fare, you'll love their offering for Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Wings by the dozen in either plain, BBQ or buffalo

  • Half or full trays of mac and cheese

  • Quarts of chowder or chili

All preorders must be placed by end of day on the 3rd, and their usual fare will still be available on Sunday as well.