Frannie is a born-and-stayed Mainer with a passion

for Portland's growing food scene. A graduate of

Maine College of Art and a working graphic designer,

she's lived in downtown Portland for the better part

of 7 years in almost every part of the city

(East End, West End, Deering, you name it) 


As someone who grew up on Forest Avenue when the

most exciting restaurant around was a KFC, it was

only natural to become a part of her city's culinary renaissance. 

What started as an account to dump all of her food

pictures on has turned into an opportunity to share all

that the Pine Tree State has to offer with locals and visitors alike. 


On your honeymoon and need some recommendations for food and lodging? 

Can't decide where to have your next friend brunch?

Or maybe you're a fellow foodie that just wants to chat!

Hit me up and introduce yourself!